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Pamper Party
today with all your friends!

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Calling all friends!

Who wants a night in to just relax, maybe sip some wine, eat a few snacks and hang out while getting facials?

I love indulging my skin to bring out my natural glow and I know you like to look and feel your best too. Book a Pamper Party today to indulge your skin in the best cosmetic ingredients available today. Learn about the properties of the ingredients in your skin care all while using natural remedies to hydrate, moisturize, brighten and smooth out your skin.

These popular parties allow you and your friends the freedom to try out a whole new line of products directly in the comfort of your home. Experience skin care like never before.

  • Call us to schedule your party!
  • Minimum of 5 attendees
  • I arrive and bring everything that I need
  • It lasts about 2 hours
  • You get to pamper yourself and have a great time!
  • Interested in products? I’ll have an order form at the party to fill out
  • I do my clean up and out the door

Why host a Pamper Party?

We all know some of the best things in life are free! So the first gift is a surprise; the host always receives a unique gift. The second gift is product. Let’s face it, we want what we want and usually it isn’t pre-packaged at someone else’s discretion! It is something we choose, and each host receives 10% of the total sales to use as credit towards products they choose. For example, if the total of party is $500, then the host can choose $50 in product. Pamper Parties are one of the best ways to get a Free Facial, try new products and get your friends together. Looking forward to Spa Day.

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