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Sarah DeFer
Spa-Day Lover & Exceptional Formulator

About Sarah DeFer

Growing up in Laveen, Arizona, and influenced by her parents strong religious beliefs, Sarah DeFer developed a loving bond to all living things. Being surrounded by farmland inspired the soul of this adventurous young girl. She grew food, adopted animals, created art and music, wrote stories and loved to dance, skate, hike, swim, dive and more. In her own words, she was “wild and rebellious”.

In her teenage years she volunteered at libraries and the hospitals where her parents worked. She loves science and nature. “The science experiments entertain my passions,” she says. “I love knowing how things work together.”

Sarah pursued the sciences in college, obtaining a Bachelors in Biochemistry and a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Informatics from Arizona State University before beginning a career in Healthcare IT.

Her work was the perfect match for Sarah’s education and passions, designing and implementing clinical workflows to assist physicians, providers, caregivers and patients to give and receive the most comprehensive care available.

Passion Realized2

A soap-making class in 2016 was a pivotal moment in Sarah’s life. Falling in love with the creative process all over again, Sarah was inspired to learn more. She focused on investigating the delicate properties of skin care formulas and their results.

Retirement gave Sarah the opportunity to pursue her new passion of creating quality skin care products. “I’m no where near retirement age,” Sarah explains. “Retirement for me meant creating a space where I am happiest doing the things I love the most. I love seeing growth, meeting new people and am blessed to be surrounded by exceptional friends.”

Even though the products were formulated recently, the science behind the formulas date before me,” Sarah explains. “The science is proven, I just put these amazing ingredients together and let them work their magic.”

More and more people are discovering Sarah’s talents and recognizing the value she brings to skin and health care as an exceptional formulator.

Sarahtopia Skincare

Sarah’s skin care line began as a “selfish endeavor” she admits. “When I started researching all the benefits of the different oils and proven ingredients, I was looking for something that worked.” Soon she was sharing her findings with friends who loved the products and supported Sarah to do more. “They all loved the results and the way they felt after pampering themselves.” Friends told her, “this is better than anything I’ve ever used.”

Now, the Sarahtopia Skincare line provides professional grade products at over the counter prices. These products meet individual skin needs so you glow. Soaps and toners are made to clean and refresh; moisturizers soothe and soften, bath bombs delight, lip balms hydrate, and deep healing serums bring relief to dry and aging skin, using carefully formulated ingredients. These formulas work preventatively and correctively for all ages and skin types. Sarah will even work with you one on one to make your custom formula if you have allergies.

If you are interested in learning more about proper skincare and personal hygiene, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I love custom formulating to individual needs.

So if you have requests, please ask.

From the Desk of Sarah DeFer

I love science, science experiments and quality products. My formulas are based on the properties of the ingredients, and hours of research, trial and error have gone into every one of my products. Please enjoy, as everything is blessed and prayed over.
Be Blessed In Excess!
Sarah DeFer